Improv and Acting Courses in Amsterdam

Fun English-speaking courses
for everyone who loves theater

🎭 Act Attack is a creative space where you can explore your potential.

🙌 We offer fun improv and acting courses in Amsterdam that are easy and enjoyable.

☄️ Our courses are designed to help you overcome stage fright, and say YES to life’s myriad of possibilities.

We offer a range of theater courses to help you improve your skills and confidence. Our improv and acting courses in Amsterdam are an easy and fun way to learn how to live in the moment, step out of the comfort zone, as well as improve speaking and listening skills. 

If you are new to acting, take a look at our ABCs courses, a great way to make a start in a fun, supportive atmosphere before moving on to Intermediate levels. 

If you're looking to make new friends, explore your creativity, push your boundaries, gain confidence and new skills... Then you’ve come to the right place!

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What our students say

The acting workshop was a very fun and interactive experience. Jennifer always prepared some activities and taught us about different acting techniques. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed this face-to-face workshop with the other students!
Lisa-Maria Ubbenjans
Taking musical theater with Dominika was a pleasure! She managed to make every class fun and interesting while giving everyone room to shine and express themselves. Her patience and attentiveness created a safe space to explore and better our abilities to perform!
Emi Schlosser
So excited to have been part of this class! Beautiful people and an adorable teacher. Learning acting while having so much fun and leaving the class so energised is something that I absolutely love. Till now I have been a vicious thief, a romantic Disney princess, an iconic Hollywood star and many more. Let's see what comes next.. Can't wait!
Marina Frangkopoulou
Isaac is an exquisite story artist! Ever excited, like a mad scientist, to teach you how to experiment with characters and emotions to create a unique story! His classes, whether writing or improv, are open fields for imagination to run wild without getting lost.
Ahmed Omar
Starting an acting course for the first time in my life and having Ilaria as a teacher was a great combo. She is so passionate about what she does and great on making people feel comfortable. Last but not least, her lessons were also always fun :-)
Maria Giovanna Argiolas
For the last two months, I was a part of Grazyna’s “Yes and Improve” class. Grazyna creates an amazing atmosphere in which everyone feels valued and encouraged to experiment with the art of improv theatre. Everyone in the group came out of their shell incredibly quickly and we had one hilarious session after another.
Neil Granzow