Leila is a performer, voice-over artist, writer and teacher. She trained in the UK and Russia.

She has taught acting in Berlin at Cours Florent and regularly teaches workshops in Berlin to people curious about the craft of acting. Leila is interested in how to create change through story-telling. She uses a mixture of improvisation games, story-telling techniques, Meisner technique and text work in her teaching. She loves to laugh and to empower people to find their own creativity again, especially when life has forced it to go into hiding in a corner of the soul.

Leila is a member of Amsterdam’s English-language Orange Theatre Company. She also wrote a sit-com a while ago. And she’s planning to pitch it just as soon as she can. If you happen to see a sit-com in search of its author, you may want to contact Leila.

She has been teaching Acting classes with Act Attack, since 2022.